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Are you looking to set out on your dream holiday, or planning your first backpacking trip?

Madly in love and searching for the perfect honeymoon trip or baecation, or want to surprise your fiancé with a romantic proposal? Planning a group trip or family getaway, but too overwhelmed by work and adulting? Whatever your reason for travel, don’t worry – we can help! The Waka Waka Guide will help you navigate Africa’s paradise. After hiring us, we will design your travel experience so you can set out on the holiday of your dreams without the stress of planning; travel like a local and discover places harder to find on your own

Let us guide you through Africa

Think of the Waka Waka Guide as a customised map prepared by a local friend at your destination with the best deals, epic activities and value for your money. I will be saving you the trouble of having to shovel through the unknown and the worst of google recommendations so you can focus exclusively on your dream holiday. Your Waka Waka Guide will contain contacts of reputable tour guides, plugs for where to stay, unique dining experiences and an epic itinerary designed to suit you and the purpose of your travel.

What qualifies us to provide this service?

We know Africa inside out. As consummate budget travellers we have had to wade through murk and hype to get the best deals and little known treasures in all the countries we have visited. We have made friends, associates and partnered with the locals at your destination, our contacts will become yours. Hiring The Waka Waka Guide is easy

Fill-out a *questionnaire

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Contact you

We will contact you to confirm and arrange payment of $100 per guide required to design your trip.

Guide Delivered

Your Waka Waka Guide is delivered straight to your email


Enjoy the trip of a lifetime

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