Susan Ekpoh

September 9, 2017

Ikom Monoliths: A Journey Towards Religious Tolerance

Aluk Village has an eerie ambience. There’s a stillness that even visitors – myself included – naturally adopt, an act of reverence described in Efik as […]
September 9, 2017

The Day of the Machines

Heart pounding and threatening to escape its pericardium; skin turned paper thin, turning the slightly chilly breeze into a subzero tempest; gasps segue into excited squeals; […]
August 28, 2016

Snorkeling With Sharks in Seychelles

I decided to fight an inherited fear of swimming pools, lakes, streams, rivers by snorkeling in the Indian ocean, with whale sharks.
August 15, 2016

4 Things to Do in Nairobi in 12 Hours

A 12-hour layover could mean waiting at the airport or the jackpot of 2 destinations at the cost of one ticket