I’m so glad you’re here, I'm Susan Ekpoh, welcome!

‘Waka Waka' in Nigerian pidgin translates as a get up and go person, someone who can’t be pinned down, a traveller.

I come alive when I travel on a bargain, experience new cultures and people. I enjoy diving heart first into adventures. And I am of the belief that the magic is in the journey. The lessons I’ve learned on the road, and what I continue to learn from these adventures can lead more people to paradise. Especially everyday people like me.


Once upon a time a certain illness daubed my life grey, so I hit the road. During my travels I experienced a deep healing, discovered parts of myself once unknown and ultimately discovered paradise.

On my return I built Waka Waka Chronicles, a home for anyone who wants to travel, discover themselves and live a larger, more authentic life. A place where budget travel meets self-discovery and mastery.

So come with me let’s just go, seek adventures and live our most authentic lives.


I have contributed travel stories for widely read Nigerian and International publications:

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