Hello, My name is Susan Ekpoh

What is Waka Waka Chronicles

‘Waka-Waka‘ in Nigerian Pidgin English means one who doesn’t stay put, a traveler.

Growing up I was fondly teased for this inherent waka waka trait; a dear uncle even nicknamed me Koko Mustapha Of No Fixed Address.

I’m an experiential traveler who seeks to tread off beaten paths, and chronicle my experiences here. The skies remain my most tranquil place that’s why I chose to fly planes for a living, to soar and fund my travels.

Our Earth, Travel & Self-Improvement

Our earth is so vast, yet too intricately linked for anyone to remain attached to a single narrative. We as humans are complex beings created with the unique ability of exploring our individuality in relation to the world. To travel, to see and to conquer new feats. Refusing to remain trapped in a life of single narratives, incapable of staying put.

Waka-Waka Chronicles is home to the experiential journeys of mine and my maverick friends. It was created with you in mind. You’re invited to read and join us through our travels, experiences, cultural explorations, adventures . . . Our main goal is to ultimately inspire! Inspire you to live the best version of your life; full of explorations and positive improvements. Together we’d KEEP MOVING & NEVER STOP EXPLORING!


I have contributed travel stories for widely read Nigerian and International publications:

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