Bungee Jumping in Johannesburg

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February 22, 2018


Orlando Towers, Johannesburg, South Africa

WARNING! What you are about to read, and watch, contains hair-raising moments and may not be suitable for the faint-hearted.

Silhouette of a hanging man


Imagine standing 328ft above the ground, that is the height of a 32 floor story building but there is no roof, no walls. You can feel the light morning breeze brush against your face. The beautiful Johannesburg vista laid out before you; roads winding between little red boxes, with a backdrop of mountains in the distance.

You shuffle closer to the edge ready to make the jump. Your legs are tingling, heart beating extremely fast, you are scared shitless but you mustn’t look down.

Don’t look down


The moment you dive off the edge may be one of the most freeing moment in your lifetime. No wonder it’s called a free-fall.
Keep your eyes open!!!!!
Watch the ground rush towards you.
The crippling fear before jumping off the ledge is quickly replaced by unmatched release. Feel the numbness in your body, then stillness and silence followed by elation from an undiluted adrenaline rush.

Take the plunge

The loudest jumper. Ever!


As the bungee cord recoils in rebound, flinging your body up in the sky, your vocal folds finally open up to let out the first scream. It may be your wildest & loudest scream ever!!!! Pure joy.

“The secret to happiness is freedom… And the secret to freedom is courage.” –Thucydides


Are you feeling pumped and ready to experience unbridled freedom? Go ahead and give bungee jumping a try; hurl flesh, body, spirit & fear off the edge.


Here is a list of places to bungee jump in Africa.

Bloukrans Bridge Bungy
Tsitsikamma, South Africa
Height: 216m (709ft)
Cost: $83

Victoria Falls Bridge
Zambia or Zimbabwe
Height: 111m (364ft)
Cost: $160

Orlando Towers
Soweto, South Africa
Height: 100m (328ft)
Cost: $46

Bungy Egypt
Porto Marina, Egypt
Height: 45m (146ft)
Cost: Unknown

Nile High
Jinja, Uganda
Height: 44m (144ft)
Cost: $115


What activities have you given you unbridled freedom? Or which one are you looking forward to? 

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*feature image credit: @froschafrica (Instagram)

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