Snorkeling With Sharks in Seychelles

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August 15, 2016
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Coco Island, Seychelles

When I was a child my dad used to say a cup of water can kill. Be very afraid of water. I’m guessing this is where my inherited fear of water began.

24 years later, I was still afraid and now unable to swim. I decided to fight this fear of swimming pools, lakes, streams, rivers by snorkeling in the Indian ocean, with whale sharks.

Getting to Seychelles was the easiest part of this adventure. As a Nigerian citizen entry into Seychelles is visa free, all Immigration requires is a valid passport, return ticket, hotel booking, proof of sufficient funds and yellow fever vaccination card to guarantee us a 30 days entry permit on arrival. Seychelles is heaven on earth and if you are looking to visit here are valuable tips to help you plan your trip

Definitely isn’t Nemo

From the moment I got on the boat in La Digue to taking the plunge into Coco Island Marine Park, I experienced a kaleidoscope of emotions; this was the difficult part. There was anxiety, dread, bravery, excitement, thrill and fatigue. On a windy cool day I was sweating bullets! No words can convey the way my heart flipped when a whale shark brushed against my skin.

I came guns blazing, not to face my fear but to fight it. Facing a fear with no intentions to fight is risky, because fear is fueled by inaction.

I made new friends too

At some point I got thoroughly battered. With head hung over a bucket I tossed my cookies and I cried. Sea sickness had a grip on my stomach and wasn’t letting up.

“Get back in the water” said the boat owner, Hyacinth. My discomfort was so grave, if he had asked for my soul I’d have given it in exchange for relief. Supported by a floater I submerged my self in the water, and like magic relief came.

Despite the sea sickness I suffered from here’s what I learnt about fear: Rather than be paralyzed by fear, acknowledge it & let it propel you towards your course. Commit & act!



Let’s endeavor to live our best life without the limits created by fear. Watch the full video below


  1. Dolapo says:

    Go girl,conquering fears and doing it are lovely as well .

    • Susan Ekpoh says:

      Fearless?? Ahhhh I was a mess that day. Regardless, we are even more courageous in the presence of fear. Thank you so much Dolapo 😘😘

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